Thursday, June 9, 2011

Journey to Joplin

It seems every week we hear of another tornado, another flood, another tragedy that we are almost immune to the emotion these disasters bring. It is important that we don't lose our humanity and caring when traveling the hard roads that our career brings.

This past week medics from all over southeast Texas gathered supplies, clothing, and other needed neccesities to bring to the Tornado savaged victims in Joplin, Mo. The donations were tremendous and just kept coming. The outpouring of love and selflessness warmed our hearts. We packaged more than 400 boxes to be transported in a 26 foot truck to Joplin. Scott Tomlin , myself, Cohen Hudson, Jesse Crocker, Monica Wright, and Kacey Sammons traveled to the stricken city. We began our journey with a light-hearted road trip kind of outlook. Once we arrived in Joplin and met the people that live there our hearts felt the pain these people are going through. Many times we can look at disasters through distant eyes, but sometimes you can view it from your soul. All of us have a greater appreciation for the little things in life and hope that you do to.

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