Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happiness is your own personal project.

So the last few days have been a bit rough and I was a bit down and mopey...some would call it bitchy...we should not ask the duckies about my attitude for the last few days.  However it brought about a realization for me.  If you want to be happy in whatever situation you are in it is your own personal decision.  No one can tell you to be happy.  There is not a magical happy pill and there is no fairy god mother to wave a magic wand.  The key to happiness is just putting your mind in a place where no matter what obstacles or curve balls are thrown your way you rise above it.  I have a lot on my plate recently with work, school, kids, and other issues that I have constantly worried about to the point where it was affecting my outlook on life.  You know the "Geez life really sucks right now" complex.  Everybody does it every now and one is perfect.  I have made the decision to change my way of thinking...nothing in my life is really that bad in the grand scheme of things.  I have three amazing daughters who give me the secure knowledge that I have given the world three beautiful gifts that will have an amazing impact on someone somewhere. Penelope- with her independent spirit...she is just like me...GOD HELP US ALL!!  Emberlee Riann will do amazing things one day...she is smart, creative, and stubborn.  That's an awesome combination.  Addie Mae - Good gracious.!! She is gonna be a power player one day!!  I have a job that I absolutely love...there really is nothing I would rather be doing.  I make Paramedics...that is pretty damn cool I think.  I have a really cool dog....KoKo.  Although I do think she has some minor brain damage at moments... she is an excellent snuggle buddy.  I have a beautiful home that provides me with comfort and shelter.  My friends are my sanity.  Mitch, Brett, and Amber- you have no idea how much I rely on y'all to keep my moving in the right direction.  My family- I have the most amazing father ever!! He is always there no matter how tired or how stupid my problem is.  My Mommy- she is a woman of amazing strength. If you guys ever wonder where I got my stubborn's from her!  I do have to admit I got my potty mouth from my daddy though.  Anyway...I choose to be happy.  I choose to live life.  I choose to make every moment count.  I choose to remember that my problems aren't anything that is worth losing one single moment of happiness.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two schools of thought....

The topic has come up more frequently lately and I am curious as to the thoughts of the masses.

Should a new Basic attend Paramedic class?  Let's say that they have less than a year of experience.  Do you think they should?  I have had a preceptor tell a student he shouldn't be in class because he hasn't been a Basic for very long.  This is a very strong (intelligent) student and I have no problems visualizing this student with a shiny new red patch on their shoulder.  I do however wonder how the medic that told the student this obtained his....but that's another story.  I have mixed feelings about this subject myself.  Some students are perfectly capable of making this transition in point- Jenna Thompson.  She is an excellent paramedic and recognizes that she still has lots to learn but she is able to run circles around others who have done this job for years.  She is a success story.  My advice to students is:  You have to be committed to the journey of becoming a Paramedic.  You cannot work at Starbucks and be in Paramedic school.  You must work on a truck (preferably a 911 service) and soak up all the experience you can while in school.  There are some things that cannot be replicated or taught in a classroom.  I realize this and strongly encourage my students to be active as a medic while they are in class.  There are also students that I advise to wait before enrolling.  It is not that I think they cannot do it...I just think they need more time to gel as a Basic and they will be more successful in the long run.  So there is my stance.....what's yours?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ducky Humor

Top Ten Signs Your a Paramedic Student.
10.  You check out the ropes on your friends arm and try to convince them to let ya start a 14!!! (as a ducky offers up his arm for sacrifice)
9.  You have drugs dosages taped to the wall by your toilet!
8.  Fantasize about mass casualty incidents.
7.  You recieve calls from preceptors offering to let you ride because you are a little fluffy white cloud.
6.  You are banned from riding with certain preceptors because you are most definitely NOT a little fluffy white cloud.
5. You play Another One Bites The Dust on repeat on your IPOD and PRAY for a TUBE!!!
4.Instead of counting count P waves.
3. You can identify the energy drink by amount of "energy recieved"!
2. You calculate the time it takes to sober up before your next clinical.
1. You are great with multiple partners and can function in any position.

Duckies are tired...

Well it's that time for the duckies again.  They are half way through their Paramedic class and the toll it takes is beginning to show.  All the Paramedics out there know what I am talking about.  It's, work, kids, significant other, mom, dad, dog, etc.  Stuff begins to add up and your tired and you still have a million things to do.  Dosages to memorize, rhythms to interpret, and case studies to conquer are always on the to-do list.  But here is the kicker....what you end up with...that little red patch....comes with remarkable accomplishment.  There are only a few professions that have such a noble purpose as ours.  The duckies need to remember that purpose and use it as motivation to succeed.  They are close to the finish line and it will only get closer.  The reward is great....stay the course.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This picture basically sums up how I feel today. This is Addie Mae. She is God's revenge for me being a stubborn and lively child. My nick name is Boo....She is little Boo. Sort of like the whole mini-me concept made popular by Austin Powers. I digress. Today, I don't wanna do anything except what I feel like doing- which is nothing. I repeat- nothing that any of you want me to do. No, I don't mean to offend anyone. But everyday I wake up to a bazillion people who want something. They ask and ask and ask... and for the most part I really don't mind doing it. However, people expect me to do it right now and drop everything else I have. Well guess what that earns you today.....yeah you guessed! You are now located at the bottom of my to-do list. It probably won't happen today...or tomorrow....and probably not even next week. And for all of those of you about to call and ask me something- Why don't you at least make an attempt to figure it out for yourself. I realize I am a wealth of information. Do you know why??? Because I use my brain- It's not an exceptional brain....It's a normal brain and it works just fine. Yours does too. Okay I am done with this rant. Back to your regularly scheduled program...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Made my heart happy....

There is a young woman named Stephanie Brooks. She is alive today and she is a miracle. July 23, 1999 is her alive day. She survived a horrific crash and battled for life and won. I remember this day. I was sitting at McDonald's eating with my partner Cory when they toned out the call. We responded and arrived to find a young woman in the mangled wreckage of a car. She had been struck in the driver's door and was obviously in critical condition. We did our job and took care of her as we are trained to do. This call was my first involving a kid that was something more than a skinned knee. In the days that followed Cory and I visited her at the hospital every chance we could. I saw a tiny body struggling for life.... and winning. She had a long road and I knew it would be difficult. Back then that is all I knew of her story. Last week, she called me. This never ever ever happens. She said she was doing good and that there were still struggles in her life but she is thankful for everything she has. It made me believe once again that there are miracles and she is the ultimate proof of one. She told me thank you and a little about how her life is. What she doesn't know is that she has had a profound affect on me and my partner. While we realize how precious life is and that sometimes we do hold the power over life and death we often don't claim this in our personal lives. We should always remember that life is precious and that every minute is an opportunity to fulfill your life potential. No moment should be squandered in unhappiness. We should all strive to find our smile. To find our reason for our hearts to beat. Everyday I am reminded that there are simple ways to make life beautiful. Sometimes it is something as simple as a thank you. Thank you Stephanie.