Friday, July 29, 2011

Pieces of Me

I think that as we travel through the journey of life, people come along and leave their mark on us. As we age and grow we collect these marks and they come together to make us a whole person. Over the last couple of days I have done some thinking about those who have left a mark on me- On all those people that have made me whole. So I will start from the beginning...

Mom- My mom taught me determination. If I want it, I had better get off my ass and go get it. Everyone always asks me, "How do you do all that you do?" It's because my Mom instilled in me the toughness to get through whatever is thrown my way.

Dad- My dad taught me that sometimes its fine to just shake your head and say Ok. When I was a little girl (not so long ago) I brought home every stray cat, dog, pig, bird, squirrel, raccoon, and armadillo. I told my daddy that some horrible circumstance had befallen the poor misfortunate animal and that I absolutely must take care of it. He would always shake his head and say "Okay, Boo Boo". Sometimes that is necessary. What I learned as a consequence to all my animal rescue missions is that it is a good thing to show caring and compassion to everyone. Not just the people you like, but also to the raccoon that is trying to take you fingers off while you bandage its wounds. Sometimes people fight kicking and screaming until they realize I am there to help, not hurt.

More to come later on the people who made me- Me!

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