Thursday, December 30, 2010

A little Private Time!!

I know, I know- I told you guys I would write everyday, and really I have tried.  The thing or actually three things that stand in my way are named Penelope, Emberlee and Atalyn!  I go to work and come home...before I get past the kitchen I hear MOMMIE MOMMIE MOMMIE MOMMIE!! There are three children clinging to three of my four appendages. The weight of the work day is gone, but replaced by approximately 150 lbs of kids. They all want something too.  Penelope wants to go to her boyfriend's (OMG), Emberlee wants to paint something (anything), Atalyn want me to hold her.   Suddenly, I have to switch roles from...Education Coordinator to MOMMIE MOMMIE MOMMIE MOMMIE...sometimes its hard. 

When I get home I just wanna sit for a minute...enjoy some chill time.  Through the wiggly path of parenthood- I am no longer allowed this small luxury.  Don't misunderstand me- I love my three little girls with everything and all of me, but MOMMIE's needs some down time.

The MOMMIE ATTACK continues throughout the evening- even Eros and Madison (my German Shepherd and St. Bernard) get into the act.  I sit in my comfy recliner for a few...then maybe I have to go to the this is what happens.  I arise out of the recliner...leaving my snuggie behind.  First all is well as I make my way down the hallway. That's when I hear click click...big doggie paws coming down the hall...they peak in the bathroom door like its a dimension to another world...for the dogs its the 7th level of Hell- also known as the DOGGIE BATH TUB!  They don't break the threshhold of the bathroom door, but the do just stand there and STARE....makes things difficult sometimes. 

Then comes the MOMMIE, MOMMIE, MOMMIE...the two little ones have now joined me.  Really?!? can't a girl get a little alone time...I have now amassed a crowd...2 dogs, 2 kids!  GRRR! 

Now, say I wanna take a bath..a hot, relaxing, quiet bath- where I can read my book..Currently Under the Dome- Steven King.  I go in- run my bath water...I think I have made a clean break...water is nice and hot...Im ready to get in.  Then here it comes...MOMMIE!  They don't want anything, they just wanna sit in there and tell me random stuff about random stuff.  Atty Mae wants to get I let Im reduced to a Barbie swim party for a bath.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but oh well.  If she wasn't so dang cute...I might have told her No.  In the midst of our Barbie Party she announces I gotta Poo Poo....Now nothing can really clear out a bathtub like that statement!

I know what your going to say...shut the door- in fact lock the door!  I have tried this.  The result- children on the other side of the door talking to me with their little mouths at the bottom of the door.  With every other sentence, "When ya gonna get out?"  I ignore them...then they start whispering...then it's fingers under the door.  HI MOM!  Can you see me, MOM?  MOM?  MOM! MOM!  AHHHHHHHHHH  WHAT!!  Oh, just making sure you didn't drown.  I know CPR MOM!  You taught me in class!  MOM?  MOM!  I'M ALIVE!! GO AWAY!!

So, whats the point of all this-I am going to revise my previous statement of writing everyday....I will make it at least once a week.  The only way I got away with writing this much is by putting Blue's Clues on the TV and giving them a bag of chips to eat.  I think I'm pretty much done with this sooooo I'm off to play MOMMIE MOMMIE MOMMIE MOMMIE!! I would not have it any other way!  They are my life, my light, my thin grip on sanity!

Only way to keep em quiet...feed em!!

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