Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new leaf....or My road to prison!

Amidst all the New Year's Resolutions I try to dodge the inevitable question of what is your resolution.  I refuse to make resolutions...I try to be "good" all year long.  I pride myself on making good decisions and traveling through life without many bumps in the road.  This has worked for me very well over the years.  However this year I made a resolution. I am going to quit smoking.  Yes, I will...I am committed-there is no turning back. 

I started smoking when I was 16 years old...because of a boy on a skateboard! 

I remember my first cigarette.  My mom had gone to town for groceries and I stole one of her cigarettes. Now, I had "smoked" before with this boy.  One thing I did not know was the difference between inhaling and faking it.  I was about to find out.  So, as I sat there on our front porch smoking my cigarette and not realizing I was doing it wrong- in the distance what do I hear....oh its a car coming down the road.  Now my mom was not due home for quite some time so I should have been safe.  But NOOOOO...it was Mom.  You know the moment that you realize things have gone horribly awry and you suck in your breath really deep in your lungs....yeah that moment.  Well I did that...I think of it now as a Power Inhale!  I threw down the cigarette and hopped up to my feet.  About this time half of my world became darker and swirly.  I had to make it to my bedroom before she got to me.  It was only about 10 feet between me and the door but by the time I could reach it all I could see through my dimming vision was the bottom half of the door.  For those of you who don't smoke- the first time you inhale will damn near make you pass out.  

Back to the story- I turned the knob as my mom says Oh..honey did you fall.  I manage an answer- No just tripped and beat feet to my room.  That was my first time.  After that experience I am not sure why I kept smoking....probably something to do with looking cool.  That was 20 years ago.  Wow-what a long time.  To say that I have been smoking for 20 years scares me.  Soon I will be able to say I quit smoking after 20 years!  That will be awesome.  My kids will be proud of me too.  They know the dangers of smoking and never fail to let me know.  This is one resolution I plan on keeping.  Now some warnings.  I would avoid me...say for the next two weeks.  I may be in a less than pleasant mood.   The Nicotine monster will be affecting my behavior as well and not so for much for the benefit of your health!!  I wish you all luck in this little game of Survivor Christie! 

With that being said, soon all of you will see a new me....or you will all have to come and visit me in prison because the Nicotine Monster made me kill some one.  I really don't think I would do well in prison.

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