Monday, July 30, 2012

Ducky Humor

Top Ten Signs Your a Paramedic Student.
10.  You check out the ropes on your friends arm and try to convince them to let ya start a 14!!! (as a ducky offers up his arm for sacrifice)
9.  You have drugs dosages taped to the wall by your toilet!
8.  Fantasize about mass casualty incidents.
7.  You recieve calls from preceptors offering to let you ride because you are a little fluffy white cloud.
6.  You are banned from riding with certain preceptors because you are most definitely NOT a little fluffy white cloud.
5. You play Another One Bites The Dust on repeat on your IPOD and PRAY for a TUBE!!!
4.Instead of counting count P waves.
3. You can identify the energy drink by amount of "energy recieved"!
2. You calculate the time it takes to sober up before your next clinical.
1. You are great with multiple partners and can function in any position.

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