Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two schools of thought....

The topic has come up more frequently lately and I am curious as to the thoughts of the masses.

Should a new Basic attend Paramedic class?  Let's say that they have less than a year of experience.  Do you think they should?  I have had a preceptor tell a student he shouldn't be in class because he hasn't been a Basic for very long.  This is a very strong (intelligent) student and I have no problems visualizing this student with a shiny new red patch on their shoulder.  I do however wonder how the medic that told the student this obtained his....but that's another story.  I have mixed feelings about this subject myself.  Some students are perfectly capable of making this transition seemlessly...case in point- Jenna Thompson.  She is an excellent paramedic and recognizes that she still has lots to learn but she is able to run circles around others who have done this job for years.  She is a success story.  My advice to students is:  You have to be committed to the journey of becoming a Paramedic.  You cannot work at Starbucks and be in Paramedic school.  You must work on a truck (preferably a 911 service) and soak up all the experience you can while in school.  There are some things that cannot be replicated or taught in a classroom.  I realize this and strongly encourage my students to be active as a medic while they are in class.  There are also students that I advise to wait before enrolling.  It is not that I think they cannot do it...I just think they need more time to gel as a Basic and they will be more successful in the long run.  So there is my stance.....what's yours?

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