Monday, July 23, 2012

Made my heart happy....

There is a young woman named Stephanie Brooks. She is alive today and she is a miracle. July 23, 1999 is her alive day. She survived a horrific crash and battled for life and won. I remember this day. I was sitting at McDonald's eating with my partner Cory when they toned out the call. We responded and arrived to find a young woman in the mangled wreckage of a car. She had been struck in the driver's door and was obviously in critical condition. We did our job and took care of her as we are trained to do. This call was my first involving a kid that was something more than a skinned knee. In the days that followed Cory and I visited her at the hospital every chance we could. I saw a tiny body struggling for life.... and winning. She had a long road and I knew it would be difficult. Back then that is all I knew of her story. Last week, she called me. This never ever ever happens. She said she was doing good and that there were still struggles in her life but she is thankful for everything she has. It made me believe once again that there are miracles and she is the ultimate proof of one. She told me thank you and a little about how her life is. What she doesn't know is that she has had a profound affect on me and my partner. While we realize how precious life is and that sometimes we do hold the power over life and death we often don't claim this in our personal lives. We should always remember that life is precious and that every minute is an opportunity to fulfill your life potential. No moment should be squandered in unhappiness. We should all strive to find our smile. To find our reason for our hearts to beat. Everyday I am reminded that there are simple ways to make life beautiful. Sometimes it is something as simple as a thank you. Thank you Stephanie.

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